Finally...something that works when nothing else would...

The DRIER your skin is --
The BETTER this ancient remedy works

Dear Discouraged Friend,

If you've got dry skin...and by dry I mean skin -- patches, spots, scales and flakes...and your shelves are filled with creams and lotions but you've seen no results...

Finally, you're about to discover how you can easily transform your hard, leathery shell into soft, hydrated skin that you'll actually want to show off.

Whether it's your elbows, your hands or your matter where your skin feels crusty and dry -- and no matter how rough and tough it is -- with this skin-reviving remedy in your arsenal, you'll finally have skin you feel comfortable in.

The effects of your skin transformation will be so quick and so astounding that even...

Your dermatologist will beg you to tell your secret

Because unless he's spent some time deep in the Australian Outback -- he's probably never heard of this Aboriginal secret that's turning around even the driest skin.

For centuries, the Aborigines have endured one of the harshest, driest climates on Earth -- constantly exposed to the searing rays of the sun in an intense desert heat that's hard to imagine -- let alone live in. But, the Aborigines have learned to adapt to their surroundings, and have discovered ways to survive by living off the land and using only what Mother Nature provided them.

In fact, they have found many uses for a particular aromatic perennial plant that grows along the banks of fresh water rivers and streams. The Aborigines use it to heal and protect their skin from irritation and dryness caused by their harsh climate.

So you see, it's not that they've adapted to the extreme heat. Their skin is just as susceptible as yours and mine -but they've got a skin healing secret only they knew about -- until now...

If it heals their scorched skin...
Imagine what it could do for yours

As I'm sure you could imagine, very few plants could even survive the sizzling 120° days. But this plant doesn't just survive -- it thrives. Because flowing through its stems and leaves is a unique, replenishing extract. Not only does this extract keep the plant alive, the Aborigines discovered it's also nature's best gift for tough, dehydrated skin.

All it takes is a dab of the oils from this special plant  when their skin starts feeling dry, and soon, their skin is nourished and soothed. It works like nothing you've seen before. It absorbs fast -- and plumps each layer of skin with soothing moisture.

It doesn't just gloss over dry patches for a few measly moments of relief. Finally, there is a real solution.

Skin care that goes to the root of the problem --
Thanks to the deep, renewing, Outback miracle

Now for the first time, this revolutionary extract from the very same Australian plant can deliver the same power directly to where your skin needs it most -- all in an easy-to-use cream. The extract is called Plantolin and it is the centerpiece of a revolutionary skin therapy that could have you...

  • Up on your feet in no time by penetrating and soothing your dry, aching heels
  • Proud to show your beautifully soft skin now that flakes and dry spots are a distant memory
  • Put an end to itching, scratching or massaging scaly, raw areas

It's all thanks to the unique ability of Plantolin to heal skin by penetrating to the root of the problem, where it helps promote skin cell renewal. Healing your troubled skin at the source of the problem is the only way you'll feel supple, rejuvenated skin on the surface.

And studies are beginning to prove its potency. The company holding the patent on Plantolin's exclusive extraction process commissioned a study to prove what the Aborigines have known for so long. They asked 121 eczema and 67 psoriasis sufferers to try Plantolin twice a day for four weeks – and the results were astounding. As many as 77% improved! Of those who improved, 72% reported improvement in the very first week!

Needless to say, our development team at NorthStar Nutritionals was floored, and went to work immediately to bring this Outback Miracle to the States. And now you can join the skin care revolution with our rejuvenating IncrediCream featuring the skin miracle, Plantolin.

I'll give you the details on how you can secure access to this new skin miracle in just a minute. But first, you won't believe all the ways IncrediCream can help you and your loved ones.

Skin therapy that's gentle enough for a baby's skin,
but POWERFUL enough to soothe the ravages of tough, dry diabetic skin

And it's something I've experienced firsthand. When I first discovered IncrediCream I knew the perfect way to really put it to the test -- my 4-year-old son's eczema.

My son has had terribly red, irritated spots on his shins since he was two. We tried every lotion and moisturizer under the sun, but aside from making an oily mess, the effects never lasted for more than a few minutes.

So I was anxious to try IncrediCream on his irritated skin. It's nice and thick and just a little dab goes a long way. I massaged the cream just on his irritated tough spots and he stopped scratching and itching right away. Just a day or two later, his red spots had begun to clear away. And a few weeks later, he still wasn't itching. The relief had really lasted!!

A rich cream that cools painful itching and penetrates deep to the base of skin irritation? I was hooked!

In fact, it's so gentle yet effective, I now use it on my seven-month old son!

But what can IncrediCream do for you? A testament to its revitalizing power is how it specifically addresses a common, but often ignored problem of diabetes. You see, IncrediCream is...

A diabetic's secret weapon against
"the unspoken problem"

Unfortunately, because of poor blood flow many diabetics have thick, dry, irriated and itchy skin. It's an over-looked problem, but for diabetics, simple dry skin can lead to skin fissures and raw patches.

In fact, because diabetes can lower your blood pressure and slow your body's natural healing, the disease and skin problems go hand in hand. That's why diabetics need to take extra care in keeping their skin soft and moisturized.

But the Plantolin in IncrediCream is the superhero diabetics desperately need. All at once it helps...

  • Penetrates deep to where cracks begin
  • Secures your skin's health by promoting smoothness and easing irritation
  • Helps refresh your skin with its moisturizing power

And just think, if Plantolin is strong enough to help a diabetic's skin health, imagine what it can do for those everyday dry patches you've just learned to live with.

IncrediCream lets you show off your skin again

If you've been scratching and brushing away dry skin for years, chances are, you're hiding it, too.

Wouldn't you like to wear short sleeves without worrying about dry, cracked elbows? Want to wear shorts for the first time in years without revealing red, scaly shins? Of course!

By going deeper than any other cream, IncrediCream will have you pulling out all your old favorites again. Silky skin, can be yours with just one application a day to your toughest spots.

Now you can see why I am so excited to finally get this skin care revolution started.

And, it turns out I'm not the only one...

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IncrediCream FEVER...
NorthStar Nutritionals' amazing
breakthrough is selling out fast!

-Renee Harrison, Virginia Beach, VA

-Katrina Melchers, Las Vegas, NV

-Roger Stark, Gainesville, FL

I knew IncrediCream was something special as soon as it helped my son, but now I see that folks around the country are clamoring for a new breakthrough in skin health:

I tried IncrediCream for dry heels and skin on a swollen foot. It worked so well I also began using it around my mouth and for crow's feet around my eyes. It is doing well there, as well. It really helped to hydrate and heal. Thank you.
- Shannon D.

 IncrediCream is now at the top of my list. I will never have to waste money on moisturizing lotions for as long as you make IncrediCream or as long as I live!
-Edith F.

IncrediCream is the best-nothing comes close to working this well. We can't live without it! It's amazing how quickly it works. I haven't had a pedicure in two years and my feet couldn't be softer!
-Delores S.

The feedback has been overwhelming.

And you wouldn't believe what happened just after IncrediCream was featured, just briefly, in one of today's most popular alternative medicine monthlies. Shortly after, I received a frantic call from our storage manager telling me to "get more IncrediCream and fast!"

All 500 tubes that we had set aside at the time were snatched up almost overnight!

Of course, we ordered more immediately, but with the ingredients coming all the way from Australia, it can take over a month or two for a fresh supply to come in. And you shouldn't have to suffer dry, itchy, cracking skin that whole time.

Stock up while you can!
Save BIG and have some to pass around --
your friends will want to try this...

This is your chance to feel its soothing effects-- so make the most of it.

IncrediCream not only provides cooling relief you can feel, but also youthful, supple skin that others will notice. Soon enough, your friends will be snooping around your bathroom counter to see what your secret is -- after all, everyone wants to show off their soft and beautiful skin...and rid themselves of unsightly cracks and flakes.

Surprise your friends with their very own tube. Or just take this opportunity to stock up on more than one tube so you have it whenever and wherever you need it. You can keep one at home, one at the office, one in the car or anywhere else you need soothing relief.

Not only will you have it right at hand whenever you need it -- you'll save the most!

IncrediCream is just $27.95 per tube. That may sound high, but remember, IncrediCream is NOT a moisturizer. This is therapeutic skincare that helps heal and promote fresh, comfortable skin. And you can save BIG today when you purchase more than one tube.

When you order 3 tubes of IncrediCream today you'll instantly save over $23 on your order. Want to stock up and make sure you never run out of IncrediCream? Buy 6 tubes and you will instantly save over $66.

Give it a try --
You're guaranteed healthy skin,
free of irritation or you pay nothing for the product!

If you're like me, you want to put IncrediCream's skin revitalizing power to the test right away. Well that's why I'm upping the ante with the "12 DAYS TO HEALTHY SKIN GUARANTEE – Or your money back!."

Try IncrediCream for just 12 days. Remember, it's not your average moisturizer, so you don't need to slather it all over your body, just a little dab on your most troublesome spots will work.

If after just 12 days you're not seeing cracks disappear, dry patches vanish and irritated spots cool and quit, then simply send it back for a full refund (less shipping). . . There's NO RISK at all.

In fact, I'll give you a FULL 60 days just in case you want more time -- but I know you won't need it -- IncrediCream works fast. (Remember, it helped my son in just a few days!)

The IncrediCream Revolution is set to begin --
Join in NOW!

If you're concerned about skin health, suffering from cracked heels, battling scaly skin or just tired of hiding embarrassing dry patches -- jump in on this chance NOW.

We are on the brink of a NEW revolution and skin care will never be the same. Feel the deep, penetrating release from your most irritated skin . IncrediCream and its superstar skin rejuvenator, Plantolin makes it all possible. Order your first tube today!

To your NEW, revitalized skin,

Becky Jansen
Director of Research & Development
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. I urge you to hurry and put your dry, rough skin spots to rest. Supplies are flying off the shelves as we speak...So don't wait one moment longer! The skin care revolution begins today and you get to be among the first to jump in -- absolutely RISK FREE. Order your tube of IncrediCream right now!

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Warnings: This product is for external use ONLY and is not to be ingested. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If condition worsens or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days, consult a physician. Do not use on wounds or damaged or broken skin. Do not bandage tightly. Keep out of reach of children.